Cat 6 Ethernet Cable 50 ft,High Speed Solid Internet Network Cable with Clips,Flat Wire LAN Rj45 Cable Faster Than Cat5e,Cat5 with Snagless Connectors
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Alex Hoang
🔥 14
THIS SAVES LIVES AND MY ELO! Before this purchase I was a mess, a peasant, scrub, lost, useless, bottom fragger, and borderline insane. Anytime I tried to play any games or did anything that involved my wifi, it would spike my ping to 2000ms every 5 min and I would be so sad. I would leave my games abruptly and lose ;-;. After this I was reborn as a new man. This singlehandedly changed my life and 50 ft is the perfect length to connect my PC to the router in the living room. #gaming #cool #love
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